purecords is an independent record label based in London, England. We focus on alternative pop & songwriter music.

Created in 2005, purecords has its roots originally in Dresden, Germany. Since 2007 we are based in London where we work closely with several upcoming artists.

We love pop music but we don’t believe in hype and chart success thinking. We love alternative music but don’t think it should be underground only as a result. We believe in well written songs with great melodies and interesting rhythms, with lyrics that actually have something to say; sung by singers with interesting voices and most importantly – songs by artists who care about their music as much as we do.

purecords is a team of passionate music listeners and therefore we release what we think is great. If that is only a few artists, then it is a few – we rather put out quality than quantity. If you like what you hear you can order CDs over our website or buy high quality MP3s from most online music stores incl iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.